The Businesses and Products from Season 15, Episode 21 of Shark Tank

In season 15, episode 21 of “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurs pitched Sharks an array of products, including a robotic burger vending machine, bespoke hats that display hometown pride, customizable footwear, and a resistance band to develop the perfect jump shot. Michael Rubin returned as Guest Shark. Get the full details on the four companies featured below!

The Sharks in this episode are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary. and Guest Shark Michael Rubin.


Roboburger is the world’s 1st fully autonomous miniature robotic restaurant that freshly cooks a custom ordered hamburger in just 4 minutes. Roboburger is a digital all electric kitchen that is literally plug n play. Roboburger has its own freezer, grill and dishwasher and can operate anywhere to provide HOT & DELICIOUS sandwiches 24/7. Roboburger is designed to bring freshly cooked, RESTAURANT-quality sandwiches…burgers, breakfast, chicken, plants etc… to travelers, college students, hotels, convenience stores.

K3 Shooting Band

K3 Shooting Band is the one and only resistance shooting band on the market for your shooting fingers while shooting a basketball. I started the company in 2009 after realizing while I was on scholarship my jump shot was flat and had no rotation. Once I saw there weren’t any effective tools to fix this problem, K3 was born.

Hood Hat

HOOD designs and manufactures timeless, customizable luxury headwear using premium fabrics and materials from cashmere to gabardine. A brand based on geography and localization they live at the intersection of luxury, nostalgia and culture. Their data driven marketing model enables them to gain powerful insights that create higher probabilities of acquiring new customers. HOOD is best known for the elevated quality of their hats, exceptional customer service and delivery speed.

The Hype Company

Welcome to the realm of personalized style with HYPE CO., where every step is an expression of your individuality. Specializing in licensed and fully customizable slides, we revolutionized the concept of footwear with our innovative switchable straps. With HYPE CO., your shoes aren’t just accessories – they’re canvases for your creativity. Whether you’re looking to HYPE your favorite college, your own sports team, or anything else that you are passionate about, we have created a product that allows you to effortlessly transform your style. Build your HYPE with endless possibilities with HYPE CO. and BE YOU!

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